The current sales organisation Sempione Fashion AG was established in 1955 with the founding of the fashion retailer Charles Vögele in Switzerland.

After the IPO in 1999 and the expansion into neighbouring markets, the company was taken over by an investment group associated with Sempione Retail AG in the course of a public takeover at the end of 2016. Part of this group is OVS SpA, a leading fast fashion company from Italy. The merger with OVS SpA has enabled Charles Vögele to evolve from a vertically integrated textile retailer into a sales organisation. The conversion of the entire network in Slovenia (11 stores) and Switzerland (145 stores) to the OVS brand has already been completed.

Charles Vögele Holding AG merged with Charles Vögele Mode AG in autumn 2017. The merged company was renamed Sempione Fashion AG and sells the Italian fashion brand OVS in its stores as a sales organisation in Switzerland.

The conversion to OVS will take place in Austria in the second half of 2018. The Charles Vögele brand will remain in Hungary until further notice. The German sales organisation was sold to a Dutch fashion retailer in spring 2018.

The company is headquartered in Pfäffikon, SZ (Switzerland).