Ombudsman`s office

If employees, business associates and customers feel they have observed misconduct or unlawful activity within the company, they can report these to Sempione Fashion AG / Charles Vögele’s external ombudsman’s office. The ombudsman’s office is run by solicitors Baumgartner Mächler in Zurich.

It can be contacted at any time (24/7) all year round on

Tel. +41 215 44 77
Fax +41 44 215 44 79 or
E-mail at

Every contact will be taken seriously. Anyone who contacts the office can be sure that their identity will not be passed on to employers, authorities or third parties. Exceptions to this rule are only permitted with the agreement of the person who makes contact or in the event of overwhelming legal interests or a serious risk of death or injury to third parties, but not for financial or similar interests.